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Corralitos, CA


Thanks for your interest in our work. We owned Pacific Images near Santa Cruz, California, and for many years have provided display prints for commercial accounts and private collectors. Our photography centers around the scenic wonders of the American West and California's beautiful Central Coast. Stan also specialized in extreme surf photography.

We never know what will touch someone when they see a photograph. An image may remind you of a place you have been (or want to visit); some may simply provide the perfect color accent for the right wall.

Digital technology has immeasurably changed the art of photography. During the height of our business we spent thousands of dollars a month on film and processing. Images were captured with great patience and careful planning - often days (or weeks) were spent in the quest for perfect light. This isn't a complaint . . . we have been "digital" since the beginning, having seen the writing on the wall quite early. The art of photography has simply evolved, and those of us who have practiced it both ways have had to evolve as well.

Many of the images chosen for this site are "old school" - scanned from original 35mm and medium format transparencies. Of course, many are more recent and were captured digitally. We are Canon shooters and use Canon pro SLR bodies with "L" series lenses.

We will periodically upload images for your consideration. The images on the site are just a small sample of the thousands we have on file. You may see an image in horizontal format that you would like in vertical, and we may have it! Simply let us know and we will upload the image you require. We invite those who are interested to contact us with any questions you may have.


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